Homeless Advocacy and Prevention

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The Homeless Advocacy and Prevention (HAP) Program focuses on addressing legal needs that often are barriers to rising out of homelessness, such as child support/custody issues, landlord tenant disputes, obtaining I.D. cards, counseling on consumer issues and assistance with Social Security applications, while at the same time providing general advice and referrals for other essentials of life such as access to health care and subsistence income.

For more information, contact Laura Rolnick, Esq. at lrolnick@onvlp.org
or (315) 930-3506. You can also send an email to hap@onvlp.org.

*If you need an ASL interpreter or an interpreter for any other language, you can email or call the program ahead of time so that we can schedule in in-person interpreter. We also always have telephone-based language interpretation available at all of our programs anytime.